Chronicle Books Contest


How would you like to win $500 worth of books? I know I would! There are TONS of cookbooks I would kill to have in my collection and I am hoping Chronicle Books will help make that happen.

Happy Haul-idays is back at Chronicle Books this year. If you are a blogger (like myself), you can write a post with a compiled list of Chronicle Books listed books and enter it on their entry page (located here)! If you don’t blog, comment on this post and if *I* win, I get to choose someone who commented on this post to win too! There has been an addition to this years contest as well. The winner of the $500 worth of books will be able to donate another $500 worth to their chosen charity! If I won, I would donate to the Children’s Hospital of Central California, whom have been part of my families lives for years. They are always in need of new toys and books to keep the thousands of children they tend to occupied and I know they would benefit greatly from the $500.

Below is my list of books I would get if I won this amazing giveaway. Most are baker’s books and general cookbooks, but I have included a few books for my daughter as well.

Holiday Crafting and Baking with Kids: Gifts, Sweets, and Treats for the Whole Family ~ 19.95

Painted Cookies ~ 12.95

Tartine Bread ~ 40.00

All Cakes Considered: A Years Worth of Weekly Recipes Tested, Tasted, and Approved by the Staff of NPR’s All Things Considered ~ 24.85

Brittles, Barks and Bon Bons: Delicious Recipes for Quick and Easy Candy ~ 16.95

Julius! I Love Color! ~ 8.99

School Years: A Keepsake Box for School Memories ~ 19.95

See’s Famous Old Time Candies: A Sweet Story ~ 14.95

The Chocolate Deck: 50 Luscious Indulgences ~ 14.95

Coffee Cakes: Simple, Sweet, and Savory ~ 18.95

The Country Cooking of Italy ~ 50.00

Rustica: A Return to Spanish Home Cooking ~ 35.00

Saveur The New Comfort Food: Home Cooking From Around the World ~ 35.00

Time for Dinner: Strategies, Inspiration, and Recipes for Every Night of the Week ~ 24.95

Love in Spoonfuls: Fast and Easy Ways to Make Nutritious Foods for Your Baby ~ 19.95

Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking ~ 50.00

Cooking to Conceive: Fertility-Boosting Foods and Recipes to Help You Get Pregnant ~ 24.95

Soul Catcher: A Journal to Help You Become Who You Really Are ~ 18.95

Instant Wedding Planner: Get from “Will You?” to “I Do!” in Record Time ~ 14.95

Sweetie Stats ~ 7.95

Fortune-Telling Book of Dreams ~ 9.95

Gratitude: A Journal ~ 14.95

Good luck to any other bloggers entering, but this is one giveaway I am crossing every finger, toe, eye, and limb for. Mostly because of the Children’s Hospital!


For those that read my list before November 29, 2011, I HAVE edited some of my listings. This is due to finding out my love already had some of the cookbooks in storage (he is a French trained culinary chef) from when he went to school. I hope that you all equally love my new, easier to read list! AND GOOD LUCK!!!


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  1. blackbird’s gluten free recipes is a great addition to any list. It’s a great list and I would be honored to win it! Check my list out if you get a chance and enter to win my list!

    • I love being able to bake delicious goodies that EVERYONE will be able to enjoy. I have quite a few friends who have siliac disease and I know that book would get A LOT of use in this house. =)

      I’ll be sure to do that!

      • It’s crazy how this whole gluten free thing has taken off but I really love it. I wonder if there is a recipe for a gluten free choc cake in there!

      • Have you ever heard of Chocolate Decadence Cake? It’s gluten free and THE BEST chocolate dessert I have ever had the pleasure of eating. I have an awesome recipe for it if you’d like me to post it! =)

  2. what a wonderful charity! and I love all the cookbooks – I don’t think one could ever have enough cookbooks! I do love your blog – this contest has been a wonderful way to find blogs outside of my normal book reviewing genre! very cool site! Here’s my list

    • Thank you. The hospital has saved many of my family members lives, including my own. I could never begin to repay them for everything they have done.

      I love your list too!

    • I am very thankful no one in my family has allergies to foods! I have made some pretty delicious chocolate avacado muffins that were gluten free and vegan for a friend… =) Good luck!

  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick me. My mouth was watering just by reading your list. I love experimenting in the kitchen (much to the chagrin of my family) but it is a need. Please pick me!!!

    • Hahaha, I will cross my fingers your name comes out of the hat if I win! =) I love experimenting in the kitchen too. My family was upset I didn’t get my degree in culinary because I am good and walking in the kitchen and whipping up something delicious from random foods haha. Good luck!

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